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When I interned for a southern Senator’s regional congressional office this past spring, I basically decided that the Hill was for me as far as the start of my career.  I sent my resume and tailored cover letters out to several offices early this summer prior to moving to DC and was getting no response.  I felt defeated- how was I going to marry a senator become a staffer now?

Because of the lack of response/rejection received, I applied for a random internship that popped up on my twitter feed a few weeks ago.  It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I figured it would get me into the lifestyle and culture sector of DC (a pretty cool place to be).  A week after that happened, I received an email asking about my interest in interning on the Hill (literally 4 days later).  And then the next day, another email popped up in my inbox about interest in a spot on the Hill.  And then two days later, another email.  It was a little ridiculous.  Each of the emails was from the House side and all had apparently received my email from the GOP job bank that I had randomly decided to submit my resume.  One member was from a Midwestern state and two were from one of my home states (I claim two home states because only having one home state is for losers, obviously). I agreed to an in person interview with the one office and decided that since I was on the Hill that day, I would go ahead and introduce myself to the other two.  Three offices in one day is ambitious, I felt like I was on a speed date.  The one actually felt a little bit like a date, which was weird.

I prepped for my interview by reading a blog about DC Interns on the Hill.  I got a little distracted by a post about an intern manual for Speaker Boehner’s office.  Honestly, one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Boehnerland? Seriously?  The intern manual did introduce me to Politico Playbook though, which is probably my new best friend. It’s like a feed of articles and little excerpts so you have a general idea of what is going on that day, similar to walking by the Newseum and reading the front pages on display, but you can do it while commuting to the office! So far, I have heard back from one office and have been accepted as an intern, which is a huge relief. The other two offices seem to be playing hard to get…