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In recent news, I was emailed on last Friday out of the blue about interning on the Hill.  I eagerly responded that same day annnd……never heard back. Awesome.  Fortunately, I’ve received two more Hill internship emails so maybe one of these will work out and I can finally marry a Senator, make the top 50 beautiful people on the Hill, become a Staffer.

So, now that that’s out of the way, today is Labor Day! While I’m very excited about September, and the weather changing to become way more bearable, I’m still grappling with the whole “can you wear white after Labor Day” situation.  I know Winter White is acceptable but that doesn’t come into play until at least November…What about my favorite white Tory Burch white skinny pants?

I went to Google to figure out what the deal is…124,000,000 results means that a lot of other people are confused too (totally not just me).

And apparently the rules don’t really matter.  If you want to get into why the rule came about in the first place, this guy breaks it down from an economics perspective and this girl follows up with the same idea, but from a slightly less academic tone. I also included some other blog postings on the matter because clearly everyone else is still confused too.

Regardless, today I am rocking my little itty bitty white A&F shorts. Carpe Diem, right?