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This weekend I came down to DC to look at some apartments that I found on Craigslist. Apartment hunting, by the way, is very stressful. It’s hard finding places within your budget, in decent areas, and with non-weird or non-sketchy people. I looked at a two bedroom apartment with a girl from Turkey as the potential roommate, a four bedroom townhouse with 3 guys as roommates, and a shared basement with a girl who was self-described as “gay friendly.” As someone whose best guy friend is gay, I don’t think I would use that particular phrasing…she also threw out a line that it was totally cool if you were gay, straight, or in the middle of things and really stressed that she was looking for a ROOMMATE. It was in all caps in the Craigslist post too…I think we’re meeting for coffee tomorrow, a little odd is doable for $450 a month, maybe.

The two bedroom apartment was in a great part of town, but the girl would be leaving end of August and her boyfriend would most likely be moving in and taking her place…that could be awkward. The three guy thing could be like New Girl (but better because I don’t suck like Zoooey Deschanel) or it could be totally awkward, or I could live in this basement with this girl and totally hate it because she doesn’t shower or something.

It’s 5:19 a.m. as I write this, in case you were wondering. I’m so stressed about this housing thing that I am literally losing sleep over it. I keep calculating what I will make at work and doing different tax rates and hourly rates and total amounts of work hours just to see how little I can make and still eat like once every day or two. Being an adult sucks.

In other news, last night (4 and a half hours ago) I found myself just leaving the ER. Sometime last night, about 8 or 9ish, my sister’s roommate began complaining about rather severe stomach pains. She had not been feeling well all day, but just chalked it up to the tequila she drank the night before. Things got pretty bad as the night went on, and we finally convinced her to go to the ER after talking to two doctor friends and administering several tests our friends told us to try. It was looking like appendicitis which can be a pretty big deal. It really hurt when she would laugh, so naturally my sister and I were incredibly hilarious the whole night, poor Kelly…

Luckily, one of those doctor friends had us go to the hospital that she worked at and was able to take care of Kel personally. It turned out that Kel didn’t have appendicitis because it hurt when the doctor pushed on her back (apparently your back shouldn’t ache with an appendix gone bad, who knew?). The tests ultimately proved inconclusive, but signs showed it could have been a kidney stone. Ouch!

On the way to the ER, some douche crossed the road in front of me without using a crosswalk and gave me a dirty look! I might have sped up at the time, but whatever, not in a crosswalk. We ended the night with a Wendy’s run. I am eating my frosty as we speak and mentally running through my pro/con lists and salary/budget calculations. I can live off of $4 a week, right?