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I graduated 15 days ago from college. I planned on being in DC 8 days ago. Instead, I find myself here. In my parents’ basement. It sucks is awesome. The pros: it’s free, plenty of room, I don’t have to cook or do laundry. The cons: it’s my parents’ basement. If any of you have seen Family Guy, it’s much like Stewie before he is born.

Unlike Stewie, my parents were successful in stuffing me back in the womb basement after I thought I escaped to college, never to return again (after reading this, my mom exclaimed, “Oh sure, make us look like the bad guys!”).

On most days, I sleep till noon and don’t get out of my jammies until around, oh, I don’t know, never. To be fair, my mom and I have tackled cleaning out the basement- a project that many have attempted and none have accomplished. We’ve thrown out and burned (a separate post on this to follow) so much stuff that was just sitting there. We donated old clothing too and my mom took some of the cuter pieces to some little girls that we know.  I am hoping that this project will be finished soon so that I can get out of the womb basement for good.

Good news though, we’re going shopping today. I’m hoping to snag some cute new things that are work appropriate. I may not have a job, but I’m going to have the best professional wardrobe ever (I obviously have my priorities in order).