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I’m afraid our first blog post isn’t opening up on a happy note.

Sometime last night while everyone was sleeping, my little Betta fish, Matt Damon passed away.  He was two years old, which is typical, according to frantic internet searches that were conducted this morning upon the discovery (I was terrified that he died from negligence on my part).

Matt Damon was with me for most of my time at college and was the best study buddy a girl could have asked for, always there to keep me company and never judging.

That little fish had a wonderful life full of many adventures, traveling up and down the east coast, living in our nation’s capital, being featured in his own blog post by the Uber cab company after I accidentally left him in the back seat, and that one morning when we discovered a dollar bill in his fishbowl without the slightest clue as to how it got there (and we all know Matt Damon wasn’t going to talk).

Dolla, dolla bill y'all

Dolla, dolla bill y’all

A friend was kind enough to compose a poem to be read at the service, it was such a touching gesture and greatly appreciated.

Matt Damon was the greatest fish there ever could be.  He brightened all our lives for which we’ll miss him dearly.  He gave his heart and gave his soul, he truly was the best.  And as a thanks for his hard work, now we’ll let him rest.

Rest in peace, little Matt Damon…truly a small fish with a big legacy.